Transcription of letter from Mary Low to Louise Coburn, 8/15/1890

Waterville Aug. 15. 1890

Dear Miss Coburn,

I am afraid I did not
impress upon you the fact that we must be
as expeditious as possible in what we do.
That paper ought to be before them, that is,
before the trustees, by the first of Sept. I fear
we have delayed too long already. I want to
hand it to the printer Monday morning.

The discussion has been opened already by
the Lewiston Journal and Boston Advertiser.
Both these papers have recently printed editorials
In favor of co-education and dissenting from
the new plan. Now, if we can speak and speak
energetically, it will, I feel sure, produce a good
effect upon public opinion, at least.

It seems that the public are just waking up
to see what has been done and it looks as if
Pres. Small is not going to do this and remain
uncriticized. We shall have more help after
we speak, I feel almost sure.

Now, please do let us have your hearty
co-operation and let us all act at once.
I wish you would return the paper on
Saturday. That will give me a little time
to make any alterations that may be necessary.
A word about your criticism of my point
of view. I argue it on the ground of the
home life and for married women because he does.
If I can show him that co-education and
the present course of study result in quality ben-
efits to the home life I answer his argument
more effectively. Don’t you see? I say after-
wards that there is no need of arguing for
the benefits to society as everybody knows
that an educated woman’s sphere is necess-
arily wider than the home. He won’t admit
that, of course, and so why waste words on

that part of the argument. I must meet him
on his own ground.

Please let me hear from you right away.
I go out today to see the Mathews girls, and
shall see Miss Meader soon.

I begin to be afraid that our unconscionable
delay will let the secret out prematurely and
thus injure the effect of whatever action
we may take.

Excuse the dreadful “stub pen,” for I
can find no other.

In haste,
for Colby
Mary L. Carver.