Transcription of letter from Mary Low to Louise Coburn, 7/17/1890

Waterville, July 17, 1890

Dear Miss Coburn,

It has been lately ascer-
tained that many of the Alumnae of Colby
disapprove most heartily of the recent action
of the board of trustees with reference to
the higher education of women.

Doubtless you have received the circular
lately issued by the college in reference
to the matter.

Some of us think it out right and even
duty in view of all the circumstances,
to protest and let them know what
we think in regard to the matter.

A circular is in preparation, con-
taining such a protest and respectfully
asking them to reconsider their action.

The probability is that the protest will
be sent even with a small number of
signatures; but it will be much more ef-
fective if all sign it, especially of the
older Alumnae.

We mean that it shall be courteous
and just, yet honest and vigorous.

I don’t know how you feel about this
matter but judging from the position
of yourself and family in the past, I
feel assured that you would act with us.

Will you kindly write me your
idea of the matter and say if you
would probably give us your signature?

We want to hurry the matter along as
fast as possible and also keep it a
“profound” secret among the Alumnae.

Truly yours
Mary L. Carver