Transcription of letter from Mary Low to Louise Coburn, 11/25/1890

Waterville, Nov. 25, 1890.

Dear Miss Coburn,
Your letter arrived while
I was out of town for a few days. Hence a little
delay has been caused but not so great, I hope, as to
inconvenience your plans. I send you by this (Tuesday)
evening’s mail the other copies of the protest. I
will pay the express (25 cts. probably) and in payment will reserve
for myself 8 copies. I want a few on hand for we
are constantly having calls for them and I suppose we
never can get any more except at considerable expense.
You may tell anyone that Mrs. Carver wrote the protest
herself without assistance or revision by another hand.
My husband listened to it after it was finished and
at his suggestion I omitted a few passages. You re-
member that I omitted also a few expressions and made a few changes at your kind

suggestion. I could write a volume on the same subject. I have
not seen the Advertiser’s Editorial but shall try to ob-
tain it. There was also in the Lewiston Journal for Friday,
I am told, a short abstract of it.

The Freshman girls have come to me for advice as to
whether they should join the boys in their class election.
I shall advise them to accept the invitation by all means.
It will be for the good of all parties concerned and also
for the good of the college, I am sure. They were foolish
enough to ask Pres. Small’s advice. He says “he won’t advise
them, as it is none of the faculty’s business but he thinks
it will be pleasanter for them to have their own or-
ganization.” I have no space for comment. Make your
own. Please keep me informed of your whereabouts this
winter as I may wish to write to you. You will know
where to find me. We move next week and I shall soon
be at the State House. Sincerely M. L. Carver.

The outlook for co-education seems to be
growing a little brighter now, don’t you think
so? Everybody is watching the college with great
interest. Judge Whitehouse says this new plan
is “a piece of folly.” If you know of anything of in-
terest, please write at any time. No more now. In great haste