Transcription of letter from Mary Low to Alumnae, 8/25/1890

Waterville. Me. Aug. 25. 1890.

To the Alumnae of Colby University:

Dear “Girls,”
So far as we can ascertain,
the alumnae heartily disapprove of the new
measure at Colby, by which the young women
are placed in a department by themselves and
are thereby deprived of privileges which we,
when students of the college, possessed.

After careful consideration, we have decided
that it is our duty and privilege to appeal
to the trustees, asking them to reconsider their
action. With this end in view, we have
prepared the accompanying protest.

Our plan is to submit this to the ap-
proval of all of the alumnae and then, if a
Majority approve, to send copies containing
the printed signatures of the petitioners, to the
faculty and trustees.

We already have the promise of twelve sig-
natures which is more than one third of the
whole number.

Though we may not be able to induce the
authorities to reconsider, yet we hope that our
action may have some good effect.

We earnestly ask your signature for this
paper. If you are still a friend of co-
education and of the higher education of
woman, will you not co-operate with us, that
our action may result in perfect success?

We must be as expeditious as possible.
So please send your reply at once.

Our action involves some necessary
expenses for printing, postage, etc. These will
require and assessment of about $1.00 from
each alumna. Therefore if you should approve
will you please remit? Address letters to
P.O. Box 80, Waterville, Me.

Please keep the matter a “profound se-
cret” until we are ready to place it before
the proper authorities.

Come up to Colby next commence-
ment and help us to organize an Alumnae

Yours for “Old Colby”,
By permission:

Mary L. Carver ‘75
Elizabeth Mathews ‘79
Bessie A. Mortimer ‘87
Winnifred H. Brooks ‘87
Alice E. Sawtelle ‘88
Hattie M. Parmenter ‘89
Addie L. True ‘90

P.S. I made a few changes in
the “protest”, as you will see, in addition to
those which you suggested. I think there is
nothing, however, that will be disapproved by
you. We heard from Minnie Mathews and
she promises us her unqualified approval.

We have sent them around now to all the
girls and I hope we shall get answers
before the end of the week.

M.L. Carver