Susan Amelia Curtis

Colby 1884; A.M. 1887

Susan A. Curtis was born in Kennebunk, ME, in August of 1860, the only daughter of Capt. Henry F. and Harriet E. Curtis. Granddaughter of Reverend E. Worth, and a member of a deeply religious family, she was baptized into the Kennebunk Baptist church in 1876. She then graduated from Kennebunk High School in 1880 and Colby (University) in 1884. Of her two brothers that also attended Colby, she was the first to graduate.

Immediately after graduation, Susan Curtis began working for Dr. King in Wayland Seminary at Washington, D.C., educating and training African-American freedmen to enter the ministry. She remained there for four years before, despite her enthusiasm and spirited interest in her work, she contracted pulmonary disease and had to return home. She was then removed to Sharon, Massachusetts to a pulmonary and respiratory therapy center, and died on September 29, 1891. She was noted to be an exceptionally kind and generous person.