Orie Olivia Brown

A.B. Colby, Class of 1882.

Orie Olivia Brown was born on July 8, 1859, in New London, Connecticut. Her father was Leonard Smith Brown. She was educated at Suffield Classical Institute. Although she indicated in the Oracle that her career after Colby would be in housekeeping, after graduating she became a teacher in Chester, New York from 1883-84; in North Everett, Massachusetts, from 1886-1888; an instructor at the Hampton Institute, Virginia, from 1888-1891 and again from 1893-1897; a teacher at the Pine Ridge Agency, South Dakota, from 1891-93; at Derby High School, Vermont, from 1898-99; and in Newton Lower Falls, Massachusetts. Brown worked with Native Americans at the Pine Ridge Agency and at Hampton Institute. She underwent many hardships at the agency schools which undermined her health, which was never good during her life.