Minerva Eliza Leland

Colby 1882. A.B., Sc.M., 1916.

Minerva Eliza Leland was born in Newton Lower Falls, Massachusetts, on October 26, 1859, daughter of Luther Irving Leland and Lucy Eliza Twitchell Leland. She attended Newton Public Schools and graduated from Colby class of 1882. She attended Harvard University (1910-1911) for graduate work, and also attended a year of graduate school at the University of Chicago in 1912. Since 1887 she taught high school and college preparation in Mathematics at Newton High School in Newton Lower Falls, Massachusetts, and also taught high school in Scituate, Massachusetts and Springfield, Vermont prior to that. She was a member of Sigma Kappa and close friends with Orie Olivia Brown, the only other woman in her class at Colby.

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