Maud Elma Kingsley

Colby 1887; A.M. 1890

Maud E. Kingsley was born in East Machias, Maine. She was a member of the class of 1887, and continued her Colby career until she obtained her master’s degree in 1890. During her time at Colby, she was an involved member of the Colby community as a class officer and of Sigma Kappa, the sorority started by Mary Low Carver. Kingsley went on to become a teacher of English Literature in East Machias, Maine for several years, during which time she wrote several books, including Outline Studies in English (78 volumes), Latin Outline Studies (10 volumes), Outline Studies in History (5 volumes), and Examination Questions in Literature. In 1921, a fellow Sigma Kappa member published an article about her in The Triangle, the Sigma Kappa magazine, in which she was called “the Literary Lady.”

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