Laura Cummings Neal

Colby 1893, A.B.

Laura Cummings Neal was born in Saco, Maine.  She enrolled in Colby in 1890.  At Colby she was a member of the Sigma Kappa Sorority, was on the College YMCA, served on reunion committees, and played tennis.  Following Colby she was an assistant high school teacher in Skowhegan, Maine until 1896.  She then taught at Brigham Academy in Bakersfield, Vermont until 1900.  She spent one more year teaching high school in West Boylston, Massachusetts.  She served on the Women’s Council for National Defense from 1917-1918.  She was elected to the school committee in Boylston, Massachusetts from 1921-1930.  She also served as a Library Trustee at Beoman Memorial Library in Boylston from 1931-1953.  She was also a member of the Worchester Women’s Club, Boylston Women’s Choir, and First Baptist Church.