Helen Amanda Bragg

Colby 1884; A.M. 1887

Helen A. Bragg was born on January 19, 1857 in Lincolnville, Maine, the daughter of William Bragg and Mary Staples Bragg. She attended the Castine Normal School, and the Waterville Classical Institute (Coburn Classical). She then enrolled at Colby (University) and graduated in 1884, a member of the Sigma Kappa sorority. Before her retirement in 1922, she taught at the Auburn and Lewiston High Schools in Maine from 1884-1887, and at Roxbury High School in Massachusetts from 1887-1909. She never married, and had one niece, a Mrs. William Whitaker, living with her in Rhode Island.

She died of advanced cardiovascular disease on November 26, 1957, at 100 years of age, in North Providence, Rhode Island, and had remained in active communication with the College until that time. At the time of her death, she was the oldest alumnus of the college.