Emily Peace Meader

A.B., Colby, Class of 1878.

Emily Peace Meader was the third woman to graduate from Colby, after Mary Low and Louise Coburn. She was born on February 5, 1858 in Waterville, Maine, to Edward Gove Meader and Helen Smith and later died in Waterville, Maine, on September 3, 1914. According to Mary Low’s letter to Louise Coburn dated September 12, 1890, Emily Meader had read the protest and “admired” it, but would not sign it. Low writes that Meader “never believed in co-education,” and goes on to report that Meader told her that “the college girls are woman’s-rightsy and strong-minded and they want to vote!…They do such dreadful things too! go to class-suppers with the boys, have Sigma Kappa suppers in a public dining-room and when they have a chaperone it is a woman!” Meader wrote the original songs for Sigma Kappa initiation ceremony music, and was a cousin of Elizabeth Hoag, one of the founders of Sigma Kappa at Colby, who died young from tuberculosis. Meader was good friends with Ellen Koopman and Louise Coburn, who called her by her middle name, Peace.