Emeline Dickerson Fletcher

Colby 1891, A.B.

Emeline Dickerson Fletcher was born in Waterville, ME.  She was the daughter of the late Reverend and Mrs. J.W. Fletcher.  She spent most of her early life in the parishes of her father in New Hampshire.  She enrolled in Colby in 1888.   After graduating Colby, she was a teacher at Mt. Hermon School from 1891-1894.  She went on to teach for one year at the St. Martins School from 1894-1895.  In 1895 she married Dr. Dickerson who was a professor in the Northfield Schools and who later became the principal of the schools.   She was a beloved teacher of Latin and Greek for many years at the Northfield Seminary for Girls.   According to the Chronicle Newspaper at Northfield “To know ‘Daddy Dick’ was to know his charming wife and the hospitality of their home.”  Franklin W. Johnson describes her as a “woman of unusual abilities and character.”  Emeline was active in the New Jersey Parent-Teacher Association.  She was state historian for many years and served as the president of the Hunterdon County Council of Parents and Teachers.  She was a member of the Zion Lutheran Church.  She was also a very talented pianist.  Her son was a diplomat in the U.S. Consul General in South Africa.  Emeline remained bright, cheery, and interested in people and events to the very end.  The day before she passed away she drove twelve miles to meet two college friends from Colby to reminisce about college days from over sixty years before.  She passed away in Northfield, Massachusetts at the age of 83.