Anna Sarah Cummings

Colby 1890; A.M. 1893

Anna S. Cummings was born in Fairfax, Vermont, a devout Baptist. She received her bachelor’s degree from Colby (University) in 1890, and then her master’s in 1893, and became a teacher. She was an assistant, teaching Latin at Dover High School in New Hampshire from 1890-91, and at Mt. Hermon School for Boys in Massachusetts from 1891-93. She was the Lady Principal of Vermont Academy from 1893-1899, and an instructor at Marshall College in West Virginia from 1902-08 and 1910-17. During this time, she also engaged in graduate study at Leland Stanford University from 1899-1900, and at Grenoble University of Paris from 1908-1909. She then worked as a Field Staff Supervisor for the American Red Cross for several years before retiring in Washington D.C.

Mrs. Cummings was an active member of her community. She participated in various Women’s Clubs, the City Club, Red Cross volunteer events, and the D. A. R. She also enjoyed traveling and visited California, Panama, Bermuda, and various locations in Europe.

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