July 15 – August 20, 1865









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Page 42:


Changed camp today
to the other side of
the town to avoid the
Spent most of the
afternoon procuring a
Succeeded at
last. Bade goodbye
to Wheeler + Lacey
and issued orders for
the march to begin
at three o’clock tomorrow
For the last two mornings
I have been to market


Page 43:


for our mess buying
chiefly vegitables [sic]. I
had a great experience
with the Mexicans.


Started this morning of
three—passed Cortina’s
Three crosses in
the road marked the
graves of murdered men,
the inscription on each


Page 44:


beginning with the
curtaining pater nostra [?]
+ ave maria.
A wolf sprang out
of the thicket in front
of my horse as I
was riding along.


Today the command arrived at
Sante Maria where we left as a
garrison of the place one (1) company
of the 45th regt. USCT, Capt. Paul


Reached Edinburg today
where the Head Quarters of the 2nd.
Brig. with the 41st. regt USCT and eight
(8) companies of the 45th. rgt. USCT


Page 45:


were left as garrison.
July 20th encamped on
Ranche Tabasco. Had a novel
time chatting with the Senoritas
they in Spanish + I giving them
Such words to pronounce as “Mississippi.”


Reached Las Cuevas Rock today.
+ stationed there as garrison one
(1) company of the 45th regt. USCT.
Capt. E. F. Brown. Comdg.


Arrived at Ringgold Barracks,
where are now stationed as the
Garrison, Head Quarters of the Division
with the 8th regt. USCT + the 29th regt


Today the Head Quarters of the 3rd.
Brig. with the 31st. USCT and the 116th


Page 46:


USCT were moved to home and now
form the garrison of that place.
The distance marched (approximation)
from Brazos Santiago to Ringgold Barracks
one hundred + fifty (150) miles; from
Ringgold Barracks to Rome fifteen (15)
miles:- total one hundred + sixty five
165 miles.


August 9th


I have got quite out of the habit
of this diary business.
Is it worth while [sic] to preserve
one’s thoughts on paper? Some of
them, possibly.
If a war should be waged
in Mexico what a demand there
would be for ice?
It is worth while [sic] to study
wars financially—to find out what


Page 47:


productions were in demand, how high
the prices for each rise—at what
stage of the war they began to
fall—how long after the wars
gold remained up— + in others
words to analyze wars with sole
reference to trade, + compare the
analyses. If there is not an
agreement it should be traceable
to plain causes such as a difference
in climates of the theatres of war +
consequently [carrot: a difference] in requirements of the
troops, and the duration of the war may
possibly be a cause, or its intensity,
or the difference as regards parties involved,
in respect of means + importance.
* * *
Major Glazier is here, having
joined the staff.


Page 48:


Our mess is getting to be an
institution. I am quite an householder.
I was alone at first. Barden
+ Engleblom were envious of my enjoyments
And so came in.
Now Major Glazier has come +
Wardsworth has joined us for a time,
too. So that I have charge of quite
a family. There are eleven mouths in all to
be fed. I have already made several
flank movements on the Enemy question
+ hope to become something of a caterer before
the season has passed.


Aug. 20th. Sunday


Have been under the weather several
days. Am gradually righting
Glazier sick. He is
a strong man, Later [?] at college
after graduating 5th. man.


Page 49:


Wardsworth has gone.
My clerks are ordered away.
General + I will have
to shoulder most of the work
ourselves now.
How drudgery like it
is to put up packages +
address them carefully
writing “Official Business”
on the back or after you
have written a long letter
to be obliged to sit down
+ make four or five
copies of it.


Chum says the truth. More
babies will be the death of
Lizzie + Mrs. S.
I shall have to come
out a little stronger on
that subject, I see plainly.


Page 50:


Lizzie’s last two letters received four
days since were excellent.
How finely selected were
the extracts. Just what I wanted [?].
What a help she will be!
(humbug) not she but my talking
so –


Johnnie is constantly talking
of the good times we will have
when we go home.