August 29, 1865



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Three clerks (civilian) have come
to lighten the toil of my offices
and as they are very capable
men, I am beginning to feel
much easier + more contented.
Lizzie’s extracts are a
little faulty. In order to be
sure that my own thinking
about them is faulty instead, I
will forthwith set down my
views and then carefully send
them. A thought on paper is a
different thing from a thought
in the mind.
“The dry region lies between
Matagorda Bay + the Rio Grande.
The months of July, August, and
September are usually very dry; often
not an inch of rain falls in the


Page 52:


three months.” So reads the New
Now for a few facts.
On the 25th. inst. toward
the middle of the day there were
gathering in the sky black clouds
portending a rain storm or at
least a shower. Soon came the
rain + with occasional inter-
missions it continued through the
26th + 27th at times raining
in torrents.
July 1st. at Brazos we
had a hurricane +rain storm
together of the most furious kind.