June 9 – 10, 1865



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Page 24:


9th. inst.


Unwell + nearly wasted.
A mutiny occurred aboard
this ship today. Drunken Irishman,
one of the crew raises an axe
against 2nd. officer who takes it
away from him. Thereupon he
draws his knife and stabs the
officer in the thigh. The officer
escapes to his room from which
he issues with a revolver that
emisses [?] fire. The infuriated seaman
rushes upon him but is held back
by the 1st. officer. The Capt. appears
with a drawn sword + strikes him
in the face. The seaman turns upon
the Capt. but is intimidated by the
resolute tone with which he threatens
to sun him through and upon being
ordered to give up his knife


Page 25:


throws it over board.
He is then ironed + gagged;
and will probably be put in
prison for two or three years if
not hung.




We sail today for Brazos Santiago.
Sent letters home by mail this morning.
Also one to Jimmie which the
Pilot takes.


Began a course of study with
Johnnie today, in which he seems
to be interested.
Spencer’s book on Education
I find Extremely fine and enter-