June 4 – 6, 1865





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Page 19:




A wonderful voyage every one [sic]
says including the Capt.
I tried the hurricane deck
last night for a bed + found
it preferable to my state room.
Waking up early I noticed the
Capt. on the wheel house with glass
looking out for land, or rather for
white water.
Memory Rock was sighted
about 10 a.m. and from that
time until toward night we
were gratified with a panoramic
view of the Bahamas fringed
with the beautiful green.
Then “Isaacs” with the


Page 20:


revolving light.
Capt. Hawkes and his 20 questions.




We are now making for
Key West and are but a
little way from Havanna.
The weather slightly varied
today Already we have had
two furious rain storms accompanied
by an unusual amount of
thunder + lightning.




We made up a consultation
game of class against Gen.
Doubleday this p.m. + beat him


Page 21:


Passed “Dry Tortugas.” Genl. I.
says that at the beginning of
the war the government employed
slave labor paying the planters
for the same. That is the most
open support of the slave system
by the government that I ever heard
Wilson after gazing at the
works for a long time though
it would be “rather hard on
a watchmaker to be confined
there and handle those large
stone.” “When he got out he couldn’t
set a main spring very easy I guess.
He’d have to commence on clocks
and work himself down gradually.
A very good beginning would be
one of those old fashioned seven
footer stand in the corner chaps


Page 22:


with a suit of rooms in the
lower story.”


Last night as our band was
playing a brig under full sail
passed us on the left very
close, so that we could look
upon her deck. I could see
no one but the helmsman.
It was a fine sight.
Today the Wilmington, one of our
fleet passed us, by taking a track
closer to of the Reefs.