June 14 – 15, 1865




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Page 28:




A day of wonderful excitements.
This forenoon commenced fishing
for sharks and while we were
of dinner there was a bite.
The officers rush on deck +
there sporting about our stem
entangled in the line was
a fearfully large animal. Commence
pulling in. Proves to be a
tiger shark, ten feet long +
weighing about 500 pounds.
Not being experienced we try
to bring him to the deck but
his weight straightens the hook
and carries away the barb.
Thus we lose a monster.
This afternoon two negroes
fight and one bites off the
other’s ear. The disfigured individ [sic]
leers joyfully in the face of


Page 29:


the Hospital Steward as he dresses
the wound evidently from
sheer enjoyment of the
attention he excites.
This evening a man
dies in the hold from
typhus and is buried
after the naval fashion
“committing the body to the deep.




After waiting 3 days for
a calm that every pilot
and every sailor told us
that would never come on
this coast, the sublime spirit
of energy has gone to work
today, the roughest day if
the three, and now we are


Page 30:


in the midst of a rapid
debarkation of the troops.
A schooner has been warped
along side + by the aid of
two planks men are being
run aboard at the rate of
300 an hour.
A small steamer is to
tow them into Brazos.
Loaned Cronyn $40 to pay
his bills.