Carroll A Wilson ’40 LLD

Carroll Atwood Wilson (1887-1947) was born in Benton Falls, Maine and had strong family ties to Colby. A graduate of Williams College, he was awarded a Bachelor of Civil Law degree in 1911 from Worcester College at Oxford. Wilson received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Colby in 1940.

Student scholarship: Read a brief biography written by Makhieba Simon, Class of 2018, 2015 Special Collections intern.


Wilson was very active with the Colby Library Associates and contributed articles to the Colby Library Quarterly.  As a renowned bibliophile, he was a generous benefactor to the Treasure Room. Importantly, he introduced Curator Carl Weber to H Bacon Collamore during a trip to Wellesley College in 1937. That introduction led to significant acquisitions of Edwin Arlington Robinson materials and associated collections.

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