Our first two curators, English professors Carl Weber and Richard Cary, faced different circumstances, each with challenges and advantages.

Entrance to MH - early 30s

Entrance to Mayflower Hill, before construction began in the late 1930s. The college’s new campus was built upon farmlands and interrupted by wartime exigencies.

Weber’s tenure (1940-1958) included constrained resources on the old campus, temporary quarters during the move to Mayflower Hill and issues within the newly-constructed Treasure Room. His efforts to build a remarkable rare book and manuscript repository were aided by the college’s desire to re-envision itself on the new campus and his serendipitous encounters with generous benefactors.

Cary’s curacy (1958-1975) faced inadequate staffing, ongoing Miller Library construction and a rapidly changing cultural landscape. However, he had strong foundations upon which to build and new collecting directions to explore.