Rare Book Collections

The book collections featured in this section of our site illustrate various collecting strategies used by Special Collections curators, librarians and their associates. These collections are the result of intentional acquisition around a particular theme, person or literary work.

NC - 5th day

The fifth day of creation of the world as depicted in the Nuremberg Chronicle (Liber Chronicarum) printed in 1493. The Chronicle is a biblical paraphrase and world history that represents the pinnacle of early printing achievement.

  • Early books – which together demonstrate the history of printing in the West
  • Thomas Hardy books – a collection that primarily aimed to contain every edition of every Hardy title, including those in non-English languages
  • Book Arts volumes – which together demonstrate the beauty and significance of fine press productions
  • Editions of the Rubáiyát – collected in order to commemorate the centenary of Edward Fitzgerald’s 1859 English translation of Omar Khayyám’s quatrains