Who Said This? – Quote #1

“There is never a humanitarian solution for humanitarian problems. The solution is always political,” ________ said, referring to the situation as a “massive humanitarian emergency”. In the six months since the independence of South Sudan, 360,000 people have arrived in the newly formed nation but _________ said, “there is almost no economy, no infrastructure”, leaving those arriving to the south with little in terms of integration into the young state. _______, who is at the Davos summit to ask for further financial aid for the UN’s aid effort, asked for “massive support” from the international community to assist the hundreds of thousands of refugees. He said the UNHCR is doing all it can do to move the refugees further in-land and farther from the border regions where they could be subject to air raids and inter-community conflicts. It is “essential to preserve the civilian and humanitarian character of these camps,”_________ said.

Answer:UNHCR urges support for Sudan refugees” Al Jazeera 2012. Antonio Guterres- UN High Commissioner for Refugees


  • How might the perspective of a UN High Commissioner differ from that of an anthropologist such as de Waal? That is, how are each differently informed on this topic?
  • How should “massive support” from the international community take form?

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