USA Today

USA Today has the second highest daily circulation rate of 1,829,099 (Audiit Bureau of Circulations, March 2011).  The newspaper caters to a wide American audience and continues to be a top selling newspaper in the United States.  USA Today was chosen as a representation of a well-read, US national newspaper.

The high frequency of reporting represents the United States level of involvement and concern over the spread of cholera.  Six of the 18 articles that were printed in October and November 2010 discussed looming hurricane Tomas, which was moving in a path towards Haiti.  The tracking of the hurricane represents USA Today’s attention to the immediate risks that potentially could have worsened the cholera outbreak.

The two articles that were published in January and February 2012 explained an update of the cholera outbreak and the lack of disaster aid.  The articles follow-up on the poor living conditions that have worsened the spread of cholera.

Most of the articles were also accompanied by photos or video footage that allowed readers to comprehend the level of suffering in Haiti. These pictures show how Haitians were portrayed as victims of cholera and appear weak and powerless.

Photo accompanying article "Haiti works to halt cholera outbreak"

Waiting in line for medical attention. This picture was featured in the article "Cholera outbreak creeps closer to Haiti's capital"

A child who was sickened by cholera, displayed in the article "Cholera epidemic spreads in Haiti, nearly 200 dead"

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