The New Zealand Herald

The New Zealand Herald has one of the largest circulations in the country and is considered to hold a conservative stance.  We chose to examine The New Zealand Herald because it distinguished itself as a national paper that reported heavily on Haiti’s situation, despite being geographically or politically removed from Haiti.

The newspaper published 14 articles between October and November 2010, explaining the different components of the cholera outbreak.  The articles also included many articles explaining both the United Nations and the United States’ role in supplying aid to Haiti.  Four of the articles included either the United Nations or the United States in their headlines.  Their focus on the United States and the UN represents how they are both seen as vital players in international aid.  Moreover, it represents how responsibility lay with the international community to supply aid to Haiti.


Many of the articles available on the New Zealand Herald have been discontinued since this search was initiated.  Please look at the article headlines below to understand how a geographically and politically removed country newspaper reported about Haiti’s cholera outbreak and how that influenced their type of coverage.