The New York Times

The New York Times is one of the most popular newspapers in the United States and is ranked third in the nation for circulation rates. This newspaper was chosen because of its reputation and its credibility of a legitimate news source globally.  Moreover, students at Colby College can read The New York Times free of charge as part of the Student Newspaper Program.  Therefore, we felt it was important to examine how The New York Times covered the cholera outbreak because of its strong student readership at Colby.

Overall, The New York Times reported on the outbreak more frequently than USA Today.  In addition to following the spread and cause of cholera, the articles explained key players who were supplying aid to Haiti, such as the World Health Organization, Operation Blessing International, Pan American Health Organization, and World Vision.

The New York Times also published many articles which covered the consequential political turmoil of the disasters.  For example, the social upheaval of the Haitian civilians towards the United Nations peacekeepers was seen as a way to destabilize the country before the presidential elections in November 28, 2010.  Another key component of The New York Times is the health guide on the cholera, which explains the causes, symptoms, and historical prevalence of the disease.  The New York Times included both personal stories and factual information on the impacts of cholera in Haiti.


With cholera raging in Haiti, treatment centers sprung up in Port-au-Prince and other areas. But the country was still in need of millions to provide clean water, sanitation and food. (Photo by Damon Winter/The New York Times)

GuerlineToussaint, 24, received treatment for cholera symptoms at a Doctors Without Borders cholera treatment center ( Photo by Damon Winter/ The New York Times )

The New York Times also created a collection of images that traces the path of reconstruction after the earthquake in January 2010.  These images illustrate the hardships and devastation that has impacted Haiti and its people.

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