The London Times

The Times, a British daily newspaper, is considered to be a moderate paper, although it often aligns with viewpoints from the conservative party. The Times was chosen to understand how Britain, as an international power, reported about the cholera situation in Haiti.

The Times reported the cholera outbreak 41 times between October and November 2010.  Besides following the increasing number of victims to cholera, The Times published many articles describing the animosity Haitians felt towards the UN, who are thought to be the origin of the cholera outbreak.  Many of the other articles discussed ways in which organizations, nations, and the UN could intervene to supply aid.  Eleven of the 43 articles explicitly discussed the role of aid in Haiti.  In addition, a few of their articles advocated for the British community to donate to Haiti and to become involved with the cause.

Although The Times is considered to be among the highest circulating non-tabloid papers in Britain, the limited online access to articles prohibits a larger readership.  Please look at the headlines below and investigate how these headlines are created to catch a reader’s attention.

A Few Articles