Career Biography

Molly Bennett

Undergraduate Anthropology/Creative Writing major from Colby College
Accelerated 3-month Graduate Program from alt institute for documentary
3 month program focusing on radio documentary, final project a 2 part series on American Death Culture and Home Funeral Movements

Interest in anthropology began in high school with a class that mirrored intro to anthropology.
Courses taken in college: Senior seminar with Professor Razsa, Media Culture and the Political Imagination, Anthropological Theory and Culture, Mobility, Identity: Encounters in the African Diaspora, Anthropology, History, and Memory with Professor Bhimull

Radio scenes on home funeral movements, an audio compilation on Slab City living, thesis paper on Slab City, and extended video work as a research assistant working on a website for the film Bastards of Utopia.

Current Employment
Working at a real estate company in Chicago, doing internal/external video work.

Future Aspirations
Hoping to start at grad school in the fall, working for a MFA in poetry

Young, extensive knowledge of alternative media including radio and video mediums.  Worked in college with a professor to create a film ethnography.