Anthropological Analysis

The Complexity that is Slab City: Watch

Main Themes:

1. AGE

Main Players

  • An economic last resort
  • A socially hierarchy still exists (snowbirds)
  • Obvious anti institution sentiments


  • “Yes there are people who had a choice”
    • substance abuse
    • “There were people who thought it was a shithole and would have given anything to be anywhere else”
    • “There is a definite counterpoint that is being ignored”
  • “Contradiction”: the hierarchy does exist, and much of how the media portrays it is true. But snowbirds are necessary to keep the Slab functioning
  • “To some people, this is freedom”

“People don’t want the structure . . .” – Molly

What is happening?

  • The number of people who live in Slab is decreasing, especially the population who brings the wealth and necessary economic circulation for Slabs functioning.
  • As noted by both THE NEWS and ANTHROPOLOGICAL study, we see that age is a determinant factor on the success and future of SLAB. While the youth use alternative media to portray this new world, middle age Americans seek a way out.

The smallest news sources envisioned a movement . . . .

“Movement is tricky, I saw art  happening.””People are very suspicious of organized anything.””Music is there” —-> “If there was a movement, it was to embrace spontaneity over all else.”