Immunization Action Coalition Photoblog

The opening statement reads “We are close to eradicating polio from the earth. Tim Brookes and Omar A. Khan, M.D., M.H.S., share images from Pakistan, where they accompanied polio eradication team members in the field. Through a collaborative effort on the part of many health organizations, there has been a global campaign to vaccinate every child on the planet against this dreaded disease. The campaign’s stakes are frighteningly high. If the eradication program fails or misses a few infected children, the entire world could be re-infected with the disease within a few years.”

The introduction dramatizes the campaign and stresses the importance of immunizing every child to protect the world. It highlights the collaboration and dedication of multiple organizations that have come so close to eradicating the disease. The pictures themselves seem to show many different aspects of the vaccination campaign. One shows a man reaching into sewers to find material and points out that polio can be passed in a fecal-oral pattern. Another photo shows a young boy who was just vaccinated and two photos are of a young child who was just diagnosed with polio, a major failing of the campaign. One photo shows the recording sheets behind vaccination kits and one photo is of a young boy in leg braces walking down the street. The captions are short and without judgement. They provide context for who the people are and place them geographically within Pakistan. They seem to show the hard work of vaccination workers and the doctors treating those who have polio.

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