About Us

Katherine Fecteau, Colby College ’13

Katherine Fecteau is a junior Anthropology major and Classic Civilizations minor.  Outside of academics, she is involved in several activities at Colby including a cappella and track and field.  Her interest in anthropology stems from her intent to pursue a career in archaeology after graduation, and she has worked on excavations in Maine and Virginia.  Katherine’s other anthropological interests include cross-cultural comparisons of gender and sexual identities, Native American language revitalization efforts, and military culture. Her interest in military culture led to her research on the conflict in Sudan and the Lost Boys.

Bette Ha, Colby College ’14

Bette is a sophomore with a double major in Anthropology and East Asian Studies. She is also involved with the school’s Asian Cultural Society, Ralph Bunch Society, and Freeman Outreach program. Bette’s anthropological interests include urban education and development, the transformation of East Asian countries into global powers, and military culture. It is through this last topic that her inherent interest in human rights becomes most apparent. Bette was introduced to the Sudanese conflict when her interest in militarism moved towards child soldiers and the civilians affected by war.

Neal LaFrance, Colby College ’12

Neal LaFrance is a senior Anthropology major from Bangor, Maine.  Neal’s primary anthropological interests are militarism, conceptions of drug/alcohol use and notions of “vice”, and the relationship between hip-hop culture and American society.  He first became interested in issues of violent conflict related to Africa upon reading Ishmael Beal’s A Long Way Gone in high school.

Kristine Walters, Colby College ’12

Kristine is a senior Anthropology major and German minor. She is a committee chair for Relay for Life as well as a member of the Senior Pledge Committee. Next year, Kristine will be moving to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina to begin her career in education. Kristine’s anthropological interests include: body image, stereotypes and the formation of identity; kinship; education; human rights; globalization and mobilization; and militarism. The crisis in Sudan allows for a thorough analysis of both the impact of militarism and the resulting movement of peoples as displaced persons, two of Kristine’s topics of interest.