The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is the largest public service broadcasting system in the world.  BBC was included in this survey because we were interested in examining how news sources, not just newspapers, covered the cholera outbreak.

BBC reported the cholera outbreak the most frequently, with a total of 47 news articles throughout our three designated two-month periods.  When searching “cholera outbreak Haiti” between October 1, 2010 and November 30, 2010, it resulted in a total of 65 news results:

    • 15 of these new sources were videos
    • 3 were photo journals
    • 2 were radio programs.
    • 1 blog by BBC that answered live questions from civilians about the outbreak.

The quantity of alternative media sources shows the vast coverage and the multiple ways in which BBC disseminated information to their followers.

Moreover, BBC only publishes its articles online, which can increase its circulation because one does not need to buy a subscription.  BBC provided a solid comprehensive outlook on the cholera outbreak in Haiti by including articles and videos that followed the growing death toll, the lack of necessary aid and intervention, and the debate over where and how the cholera outbreak began.

Graphs showing the discrepancy between aid donations and cases of cholera.

Young girl being treated for cholera in a health treatment center.

Haitians protest against the UN troops, who are thought to have brought the cholera strain to Haiti from Nepal.

BBC also included the voices of Haitian citizens and their perspectives on the upcoming Haitian presidential elections through short video clips.  Other video footage also provided a valid depiction of the situation on the ground by showing overcrowded hospitals and the civil unrest of the people towards the UN.

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