Career Biographies

Career Biographies: Reem Saad and Jessica Winegar

Why We Chose Them

What our two central anthropologists have in common is their passion for Egypt and the journey the country has begun. Reem Saad is an Egyptian Anthropologist who has focused on the way Egyptian people see themselves. While we chose Reem Saad primarily for our interest in the way she has studied the revolution and her areas of interests, we also thought it was important to look at the work of an Egyptian anthropologist. Much of Reem Saad’s work is in Arabic, which said to us that the primary audience she seeks to address is the Arab-speaking world.

Reem Saad and Jessica Winegar

Jessica Winegar is a very accomplished American anthropologist who has an abundance of work published about Egypt and the Middle East. One of the reasons we found her so interesting was that she tends to focus on populations and trends that the news media seems to miss. Her exploration of Egyptian art and her focus on Egyptian women is something refreshing and new.