About Us

Katy Lindquist, Colby College ’14
Activism on Conflict Minerals in the Congo

Katy Lindquist is a sophomore Anthropology and Global Studies double major.  On campus, Katy is the research assistant for the Oak Institute for International Human Rights.  She is also involved with STAND (an anti-genocide activist group) and the Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement.  Her primary anthropological interests include: grassroots mobilization, human rights, conflict in Central Africa, and anarchist anthropology.


Allison Stitham, Colby College ’12
LGBTQ Rights in Uganda

Allison Stitham is a senior Anthropology and
Religious Studies double major.  She is
involved in a number of clubs on campus
ranging from volunteer work to singing.  Allie
worked last summer for a non-profit teen
center called CHEETA in Portland, Maine
which focused primarily on refugee and
immigrant students.  She will be volunteering
this summer at both CHEETA and the local
hospital before she joins the company Readak
to travel and teach.  Her primary anthropological
interests include: gender and sexuality diversity,
human rights legislation, and the economic
burden of cultural practices/rituals. 

Daniel Kissinger, Colby College ’14
Occupy Wall Street

Daniel is a sophomore studying Anthropology, Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Cinema Studies from Edmonds, Washington.  He is a member of Colby’s student run multicultural programming board (the Pugh Community Board) as well as a Steering Committee member of Colby’s all inclusive queer-straight alliance The Bridge.  His primary anthropological interests lie in poststructural critiques of modernity, cultural studies, and the intersections of identity formation and politics and physical spaces.

Sarina Strohl, Colby College ’14
Slab City

Sarina is a sophomore Anthropology major at Colby College.  She is originally from Queens, New York.  On campus Sarina is involved in the Colby Culinary Society, Colby Conversations on Race, and Hillel.  Sarina’s primary anthropological interests include: kinship, food tradition, alternative living, and in-vitro fertilization politics.  She created a framework for her anthropological studies in high school with her classes on the theory of knowledge and epistemology.