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Update: Feb 5th, 2010
aqsa-100Aqsa Mahmood Hi I’m Aqsa! I am from Astoria, Queens (NYC) and am a senior majoring in International Studies with a concentration in International Economic Policy and have a minor in Chinese. I love to learn about financial markets and will be post-graduation working in investment banking at JP Morgan Chase & Co. My favorite past-time is to create and redesign web-sites, play tennis, watch Bollywood (Indian) movies and travel. I have travelled to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Delhi, Agra and West Bengal and hope to travel to the Middle East and Caribbean Islands soon.  I speak Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and Mandarin.After a few years at JP Morgan I hope to obtain my MBA from Harvard Business School, become a CEO/CFO at a major Investment Bank and then the Chairwoman of the Securities Exchange Commission. I have a long way to go but until then I am here to assist you in custom CommonSpot and multimedia projects.Aqsa specializes in custom CommonSpot and multimedia projects.
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Athul-100Athul Ravunniarath Athul Ravunniarath is a Government and International Studies major with a minor in Religion. He plays Squash obsessively, currently reads a ton of counterterrorism literature, loves cooking and lives in an awesome quad.Athul is from tropical South India, finished High School in China and dreams of dropping out of school and making it to Argentina overland from Maine (and then writing a book about it and living off the royalties)
Athul specializes in Multimedia projects and anything “Mac”.Send mail to Athul

Andrew-100Andrew Bolduc Andrew is a senior Government and French major, as a well as a Theater Minor. In addition, he spends most of his time doing theater stuff, so if you’ve been to a Colby play, an Improv show, or BMR, you’ve probably seen him. He comes from Bangor, which is an hour north of Colby on I95. As a result of this background, Andrew is qualified to help you with Microsoft Office, Commonspot, and most Apple iLife applications.Andrew specializes Microsoft Office and general support issues. Send mail to Andrew

Bogu Giertler
Born in the land of poets, vodka and science, a young Pole named Bogo Giertler ventured into Colby taking a two-year-long detour at the United World College of the Adriatic, in Italy. At Colby, Bogo became a fierce debater, a stock-market broker and an amateur filmmaker. This Computer Science and Mathematics major is devout to his secret project of taking over the world using an army of robotic minions he obsessively constructs in the Robotics Lab at Bobs. When this finally happens, Bogo will rule the world from his yacht at Canary Islands. Of course, he will make a Confluence wiki about it, set up a WordPress blog to record what happens, and then give classes on robot democracy with Moodle at hand. So shoot him an e-mail, if you want these things explained real good.Bogo specializes in Moodle, Confuence and WordPress projects.
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Gustav-100Gustav Gordon I am Carl Gustav Gordon, currently a sophomore here at Colby College. I am from Copenhagen, Denmark; however, I have spent the most part of the past four years abroad. I went to an international high school in Norway (Red Cross Nordic United World College), and upon graduation I travelled to Sierra Leone partly to assist the initiation of a malaria research program, but also to provide humanitarian relief to a hospital in the northern part of the country. After I returned to Denmark, I have worked on a specific venture project named G#Net which mission is to optimize usage of bed-netting for malaria prevention. I have also been involved in other projects with more or less humanitarian focus.
Now I am here at Colby College majoring in Economics and Mathematics, and possibly minoring in Administrative Science.Gustav is a general support student tutor.
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Fazal Rashid
Hi, I’m a history major and possibly a Chinese minor. I like to spend my time reading, listening to music and increasing my iPlay t-shirt collection. I don’t have any focused future plans, but I hope to make an initial burst of money and then, of course, travelFazal specializes in Microsoft Office and CommonSpot projects.
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haolu-100Haolu Wang Haolu “Lulu” Wang
Being a senior and double-major in economics & government, she feels bittersweet about having to take 20 credits in the last semester and yet enjoys talking about civil society and democratization.
Oh and she is obsessed with astrology and has recently developed a strong interest in blood types. Please tell her your zodiac sign and blood type when you meet her so that she wouldn’t need to spend the next hour guessing your zodiac profile.
At ITS, she maintains the Stu technology blog. Please contact her if you are tech-savvy and willing to contribute.
Lulu is a general support tutor and co-manages the Student Tutor Blog. Send mail to Lulu

Jay-100Jay My name is Jay. I am a senior with major in Economics and minor in Math. I studied at University College London last Spring. It was pretty awesome living in London (much better than anywhere in the US), but the education is bad bad bad. Colby is still better. Anyway, I can help you with Common Spot, WordPress and Moodle. Jay is a general support tutor.
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Kent-100 Kent Monma is a full-fledged Kiwi from Auckland (New Zealand), who has decided to pursue the exactness of physics and the fickleness of economics at Colby. He is known to be extremely elusive when the weather is good, due to his impulses to play rugby, to Sugarloaf, and to just chill with friends outside. So please seek for him when it’s frigid or pouring, and you’re most likely to find him in ITS complaining that it’s summertime in the Southern Hemisphere.
Kent is a general support tutor who will be taking over FileMaker Pro support in second semester.
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lori-100Lori Popescue My name is Loredana Popescu (call me Lori), I am a senior and a Mathematics and Economics double major. I am from Romania, I’ve been in the US for 3 years and I spent last year abroad in Oxford and London. I like math and finance and I intend to do something related to both after college. I like Spiderman, spy movies, existentialist writers, guitar solos, London, Boston, Mexico and any place with a beach. Also, I love Excel shortcuts.Lori specializes in Microsoft Office projects an general computing support.
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Martin-100Martin Tengler Hi! My name is Martin Tengler and I come from the beautiful Czech Republic. I spent two years at an international high school in Victoria, Canada, where I learned to speak English, Spanish and French. Languages in general are a great hobby of mine, as well as orienteering, hiking, X-C skiing and Snowboarding. My dream is to be paid for traveling around the world/universe.Martin is a general support tutor who will be taking over FileMaker Pro support in second semester.
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Nirakar100Nirakar Yo, I am Nirakar from Kathmandu, Nepal. You don’t know, where is it? Look at the map then. If you find it difficult to pronounce my name, just remember the sentence, ‘I need a car. Then take the I off and pronounce it again. This drill will help you remember my name. I am a sophomore majoring in Maths and Physics. I love all kinds of sports and I am a big fan of Barcelona, England soccer team, Pakistani cricket team, San Antonio Spurs, Boston Red sox, Patriots and England Rugby team.  I like discussing about politics, religion and race. I want to pursue my career in Physics and understand more about the universe. The three things I enjoy the most are cultural differences, getting cultural shocks and shocking other cultures. ’ I believe in Gandhi’s philosophy. So if you slap on my right cheek, I will offer you another. I recently got my Ph.D on Moodle from VIT (Virtual Institute of Technology). So if you need any help, just drop by. We will have fun.Nirakar is a general support tutor.
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MrV-100Rath Meas I am Mr.V, although my real name is Vichetrath, which many people find it is hard to pronounce. I am an Economics/Computer Sciences major. I am from the very little unknown country of Cambodia and I am the first generation at Colby! I am really crazy about computers. I formatted my own PC eight times in the first week that I got it and I learned a lot from it. I used all unlicensed applications that I got from the street in Cambodia. I am passionate about Web design and the idea of open-source applications. I fix people’s computers for free if they approach me! I also like adventurous travelling; I discovered six countries during my two years in Norway. I went to all six of them within a month with only 700 Euro. My next plan is to travel in the US. I like Rock climbing, Skiing, Skating and Hiking.
Rath is a general support tutor.
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Rinchen-100Rinchen Olthang Hi everyone! I am Rinchen Olthang and I am an Art History/Economics double major and a Mathematics minor. I am very interested in things that are even remotely related to art and design. I am from Ladakh which JUST HAPPENS TO BE in India but is very different from the “India” that you know of.(So don’t get shocked when I tell you I am from India)My dream is to create expressionist graphs, demand-supply sculptures and surrealist economic models.I will let you know when I am done.Rinchen specializes in Moodle, Confluence and CommonSpot projects.
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Roberto2-100Roberto Delhy Hello. My name is Roberto Delhy; I am an Economics/Maths major. I am from Quito which is Ecuador’s capital. I live in a quad in the second floor of Mitchell. I spend lots of time in Diamond, party on the weekends and play videogames (FIFA) when I get bored. I love the Andes, the beach, good food, independent films, the snow, speaking in Spanish, good books and interesting conversations.Roberto is a geneal support tutor and manages the student tutors.
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Shaquan Hunnt

Hi, I am from Bronx, NY. I am considering majoring in philosophy or psychology. I will participate in Track&Field in the spring, Ballroom Dancing on Tuesdays.  Avid Video Gamer.Shaquan is assigned to our Instructional Technologist and specializes in Moodle and Confluence support.
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Wendy-100Wendy Chen Hi! My name is Xinyi Chen, but people sometimes call me Wendy when they’re not so confident about their Chinese pronunciation. I spent all my life in Shanghai, China before coming to Colby.I am an Economics and International Studies double-major, with possibly a random minor in the future. My dream is to become a vampire so I can have an eternal life to learn 20 different languages and finish all 52 majors at Colby and then travel around the world.Wendy specializes in WordPress, CommonSpot and Confluence projects.
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