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What Is It? ~ Who Uses It? ~ Why Use It? ~ Do I Have to Use It?
How Do I Get It? ~ Where Can I Get Training? ~ 5 Most Common Errors
Are There Other Resources Available?

What Is It?

WordPress is a powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-learn open source web authoring application. While it was intially developed as a blogging application, it can be used by anyone at Colby with a username and password to create a personal or professional web site, or a blog.

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Who Uses It?

Any member of the Colby community with a username and password can use WordPress. The system automatically creates a “placeholder” site for anyone at Colby. It is inactive until the user logs into the WordPress system using their regular Colby username and password.

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Why Use It?

WordPress is the easiest way to create a personal or professional web presence here at Colby. The application offers Ease of use and a  Feature-Rish interface. It has a rich text editor with advanced multimedia support and supports multimedia content.

This blog is running in WordPress.

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Do I Have To Use It?

No. Your default site is not active unless, and until, you log in and activate it. Other options for creating personal and professional web sites at Colby include Confluence, Dreamweaver and raw HTML.

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How Do I Get It?

All users at Colby have place-holder site created for them by the system. Just go to our WordPress system and log in with your regular username and password.

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Where Can I Get Training/Help?

More Advanced Topics

You can also contact Technical Training at 4217 to request training support.

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5 Most Common Errors

The following errors and solutions are the most common reasons that users get confused.

Problem: Why don’t all my categories display  in my categories listing? Probable Solution: Some of your content is in PAGES not POSTS. Pages in WordPress cannot be assigned either category or keyword attributes. To solve this, POST an introduction to your content with a LINK to the PAGE. In this way, the cateogory is captured by the Post and the Page has the extended content.
Problem: I don’t want some of my pages to appear in the Pages Widget. Probable Solution: You need to exclude them in the list. The Pages widget allows you to exclude pages by entering them in a comma-delimited list. You must use the “Page ID” to do this. To find the Page ID, go to the “Edit” listing under “Pages” on your dashboard. Find the page you want to exclude and “hover” the mouse pointer over the title of the page. The Page ID will appear at the bottom of your screen.
Problem: I am in the Edit Page listing, but I cannot see any URL with a Page ID in it at the bottom of my browser window. Probable Solution: You do not have the status bar viewable. Go to the “View” menu in your browser and make sure that the “Status Bar” is checked.
Problem: I am using a theme that displays the pages in my site across the top of the page, but I don’t want some of the pages to be displayed? Probable Solution: You need to make the pages you do not wish to see, “Private”. Go to the Edit Pages listing. Find the page you do not want to be displayed. Click on “Quick Edit”. When the mini edit box comes up, click on “Private”. The page will now be “invisible”.
Problem: I  installed a plugin, but it is not working. Probable Solution: You may have selected a plogin that does not work on WordPress MU. oThe Colby WordPress system is running WordPress MU (Multi-User). In most ways it is identical to the regular WordPress, but some Plugins (and Themes) may not act predictably – or even work at all. This is because Plugins and Themes can be created by anyone. (That is the beauty and risk of an open source application!) If this happens, search for plugins that are specifically designed for MU.
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Are There Other Resources Available?

WordPress is probably the most common open source web site creation tool on the Internet today. There is literally a ton of information out there. Here is a list of some of the most reliable:

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