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Update: Dec 1st, 2009

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What Is It?

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 is an application used to create and format spreadsheets, and analyze information.  Excel 2007 will look distinctly different to users who are familiar with previous versions of the spreadsheet application. Most notably, Excel 2007 now has what is called “The Ribbon” which contains all the old features and functions plus a number of new features to be explored.

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Who Uses It?

Anyone who needs to record, sort and analyze data can use Excel. In effect, putting data into Excel creates a “database”, so for those who need only rudimentary database functionality, Excel can also serve that function. It is used to organize and feed addresses for mail merge operations.

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Why Use It?

Excel 2007 files can be saved in xml format which allows them to be imported into many other applications, as well as being closely linked to the other Office 2007 programs.  As a simple database, it is easier to learn than most database applications and provides a reasonable number of analysis and reporting functions.

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Do I Have to Use It?

Colby does not officially support any other spreadsheet program. However, there are many freeware and shareware choices – including some web-based applications that are available.

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How Do I Get It?

Office 2007 (Word, PowerPoint and Excel) are automatically installed on any faculty/staff Colby computer. If you need to re-install Office, or want to install it on a single personal computer, contact Faculty/Staff support.

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Where Can I Get Training/Help?

You can request an introductory training session from technical training.

Online tutorials are available from VTC.COM. Be sure you check the version number on the tutorial. Although much in Dreamweaver has remained constant, recent versions have implemented some significant changes.

  • Go to VTC.COM
  • Username: StudentTutor
  • Password: ACITS-StudentTutors
  • Search for “Dreamweaver”
  • Click on a desired tutorial.
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5 Most Common Errors

The following errors and solutions are the most common reasons that users may have difficulty editing their pages.

Problem: I cannot see my files. Probable Solution: You have not logged into Colby0. Non-CommonSpot files are accessed through secure FTP. In order to “see” them, you have to run your secure FTP application and log into the appropriate account.
Problem: My page is all “messed up”. Probable Solution: You have inserted an element but not “closed” it. Because Dreamweaver “hides” HTML code from the user (unless you are editing raw HTML in “Code View”), it is all too easy to “click” into the end of a previous element and insert a new one. This can create a confusion of commands being issued to the browser. To fix this, you must view and edit the raw HTML to find the “mismatch” of HTML codes.
Problem: Dreamweaver won’t open my local files. I can’t find them Probable Solution: You are using a different computer or have recently reorganized your file structure. Your local files are stored on your computer in a folder. Dreamweaver remembers where that folder is, and attempts to display local files in that location whenever it is run. Since Dreamweaver does all this in the background, it is easy to forget that you must not move or delete these files. If this should happen, you can 1) move the files back to where Dreamweaver is expecting to find them, 2) Edit the site information in Dreamweaver to reflect the new location, or 3) download the entire site from the Internet to recreate a local copy.
Problem: Weird stuff is happening. Some tasks do not complete correctly. I get an error message when I start Dreamweaver. Probable Solution: You have updated your operating system. Vista is not compatible with Dreamweaver – any version – at the moment. There is a Service Pack for Dreamweaver CS4 available that be installed that resolves most issues with that version. Windows 7 has been tested but has not yet run the gamut of user testing. If you are using an older version of Dreamweaver, you should update now. These issues will only get worse as time goes on more updates are released. Adobe has no plans to make older versions compatible with new operating systems.
Problem: I recently updates my operating system and now I cannot get Dreamweaver to run at all. Probable Solution: You need to reinstall Dreamweaver. Adobe recommends that you reinstall Dreamweaver after any operating system update. In some cases, you will be required to do so.
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Are There Other Resources Available?

Dreamweaver is an industry standard web development tool and there are many web sites and publications available.

Here at Colby:

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