Try Google Labs

Update: Oct 21st, 2009

By Roberto Delhy

Google LABS

Using this application; you can have multiple inboxes, so that browsing through your emails becomes easier. You can use this app if you use gmail.

Once you are inside your gmail account

Click ‘Settings ‘on the top-right corner

Then click on ‘Labs’

Then look for ‘Multiple Inboxes’ and choose enable






After that click on ‘Multiple Inboxes’ on ‘Settings’ and then fill the different ‘Panes’ as it is best for you


Once you do this, you will have multiple inboxes on your gmail account

cautiongrayThis post is for informational purposes only. The technologies and services discussed are not officially endorsed or supported by the Colby College Information Technology Services department. Colby account holders should review the College’s Information and Data Security Policy and Best Practices guidelines, especially as they pertain to the handling of sensitive data.
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