Google Custom Search

Update: Oct 30th, 2009

By Loredana Popescu

Google Custom search is a very useful, recently updated app from Google. If you are working on some research for example, and you are tired of getting results from websites that you have no interest in, or simply want to get more relevant results faster, you can build your own engine and choose, rank, exclude websites. You can also include your custom search engine in a blog or add it to your iGoogle page.

Creating your own engine is really easy, just google “google custom search” or go to and click on the “Create a Custom search Engine“ button:

Once you create it, you will get an email with links where you can:

1. Modify your engine (picture 1)

2. Personalize the search (picture 2)

You can update and remove websites from this tab (picture 3)

This is how an engine called “econ” that searches would look like in your browser (picture 4)





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