Saving Time in Microsoft Word

Update: Oct 21st, 2009

- by Rinchen D. Olthang

  • Work in two parts of a document at the same time 
    • Got to View tab
    • In the Window area, select Split
    • A horizontal “split line” appears on your document
    • Moving your mouse will move the split line up and down
    • Click your mouse where you want to split the page
    • Now you can work in two parts of the same document in one screen (makes copy-paste much easier!)
  • Quickly change the case of your text
    • Select the text you want to change
    • Press SHIFT + F3
    • Continue pressing it to cycle through ALL CAPS, all lowercase or All Title Case
    • Quickly change the line spacing of your text
      • Position cursor on the line you want to change spacing
      • Press CTRL + 1 to single space 
      • Press CTRL + 2 to double-space 
      • Press CTRL + 5 for 1.5 line spacing 
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