Burning DVDs Using DVDFlick

Update: Oct 29th, 2009

By Fazal Rashid

Do you have multiple video files that you want to burn to a DVD? If your answer is in the positive, you probably have files in all types of formats: MPEG-4, MOV, DivX, WMV, Xvid…
Converting each of these individually into a single, common format (like .MOV) and then burning to a video DVD can be quite a hassle. So – have you ever craved a software that can not only eat but also digest all your myriad video formats and regurgitate one, single DVD in no more than 2 simple steps? If you have, your answer is right here: DVDFlick (http://www.dvdflick.net/). Take all your videos – yes all, regardless of format – drag and drop them into this software’s interface and voila: you are one-click away from a video DVD.
Most importantly, not only is this software free, it is also Open-Source, so it is essentially always improving. Clean your computers of the multifarious encoding softwares you’ve been housing, and let DVDFlick take care of all the work with simply TWO simple steps!

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