Moving Paragraphs Without Hassle

Update: Oct 29th, 2009

By Aqsa Mahmood

To quickly insert a footnote, place the cursor where you want it to appear and press Ctrl + Alt + F.

Do you need to swap the second and third paragraphs in the document you’re working on? Don’t waste time dragging text around within your document using the mouse. Just click on the paragraph you’d like to move, hold down Shift-Alt, and move the paragraph up or down using the arrow keys. Each press of the arrow key causes the selected paragraph to jump over one adjacent paragraph.

When you’re creating a bulleted or numbered list in Word or PowerPoint, you might want an item to appear on the list without a bullet. You can start a new line without a bullet by pressing Shift-Enter. The next time you press the Enter key, the new line will continue the bulleted or numbered list. Another useful trick: In Excel, you can press Alt-Enter to start a new line within a cell.

To increase font size press Ctrl-Shift >
To decrease font size press Ctrl-Shift <,2817,1565169,00.asp

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