Format Painter

Update: Nov 4th, 2009

- by Bogo Giertler

One of the best, hidden gems of Microsoft Office is Format Painter.  Its shy brush icon is strategically placed on every Word toolbar just  after the Undo and Redo icons, and is rarely noticed by the users. If  a document you are working on will require repetitive formatting (i.e.  section headers, italics on quotations, block quotes) and you dread  the monotonous series of clicks to get it all done, the Format Painter  is an answer. To learn about it, read more.

Using Format Painter is trivial. After setting up one chunk of  document with the given formatting, just place a cursor on it (or on  the entire paragraph or cell, if you wish to copy their respective  styles as well) and click on the brush. Now, whatever text you select,  it will receive the formatting of the text you selected. If you click  on a single word, a single word will be formatted.

Want to format more then one object? No problem, just click the brush  twice after and the application will keep on changing formatting of  selected objects, until Escape button is pressed.


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