Windows 7

Update: Oct 25th, 2009

-by Bogo Giertler

After almost three years of work, and to much fanfare, Microsoft has finally released Windows 7 on October 22. The new Windows, reviewed as  the most beautiful, nimble and best release from Microsoft yet is  viewed as a step up from Vista, and according to some people inside  Microsoft, is “what Vista should have been”.  

The system contains new drivers, rewritten system software (with new Paint and WordPad, now providing useful drawing and editing capabilities), refined user interface (with Start Bar finally done away and transitioned to a Dock- like solution of Apple) and at last, matches Windows XP with speed.
For software that required Windows XP, but could not run in Vista, Windows 7 now contains an entire copy of Windows XP, that can be run inside a window, making it the most compatible Windows OS yet.

Best of all, Microsoft decided to make Windows 7 Home Premium and  Professional editions available to all students in the USA for $29.99,  as compared with over $200 for normal, retail editions. The offer runs  until the beginning of January, and if you want to take an advantage  of low price, legal operating system and new features, check < for more information.

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