Update: Nov 3rd, 2009

- by Xinyi Chen

In short, icloud is a web site that turns your web browser into an online computer. Your icloud computer comes with the features including desktop, applications, icloud drive, and sharing. The icloud Cloud OS is available in 21 languages and have 50 applications and widgets like office, games and integrated development tools.


Open http://icloud.com in your web browser, log in, and your very own desktop will emerge in seconds. The desktop is the starting point of your icloud experience. Here you’ll keep your most frequently used files and applications. To the right, you have a sidebar where you can keep small useful applications, e.g. clock, calendar, weather update etc. To the lower left you’ll find the start menu for easy access to all features in icloud.


icloud comes fully loaded with a wide range of applications out of the box. Check out our complete list of applications!

  • Mail
  • Instant Messaging
  • Photo organizer
  • File explorer
  • Music & Video player
  • Write
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Games

icloud Drive

Storing, organizing and opening your files on the Internet has never been easier thanks to icloud. Designed to support all the well known (and a few not so well known) features of traditional PC filesystems, icloud will make you feel at home immediately.


Share single files or entire folders, to one friend, or the whole family. You decide. Say goodbye to slow e-mail attachments and time consuming one-file-at-a-time sharing using instant messengers.

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