Custom Left Navigation Menu

Update: Oct 14th, 2009
One of the bundled themes included with Confluence is the Left Navigation theme. This theme has a navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen. By default, the left-navigation theme just displays the space icon (or profile icon for a personal space), and three menus: page operations, browse space, and add content. But, the menu can be customized to contain additional links, sections and even macros.To add your own content to the top, create a page in your space called ‘Navigation’. Put content there that you want to appear on the left navigation menu.A couple of tips:

  • items in a bulleted list show up as normal menu items
  • use ‘h1′ to add a section heading for your menu items.

As an example, create a page called ‘Navigation’ with the following content:
h1. Search engines

* [Google|]
* [Yahoo|]
* [MSN|]

This will give a left navigation menu like the image on the side of this page.

From:  Atlassian’s Confluence Admin Guide

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