Time Machine for Mac Users

Update: Nov 6th, 2009

-by Haolu Wang

If there’s one important task computer users regularly ignore, it’s backing up their data, including important items like their office documents, music, videos, and photos. Things go wrong sometimes: Computers get viruses, hard drives fail, leaving you in a bind.

Here is a specific tip for Mac Users:

Time Machine
Mac users have an excellent built-in backup program called Time Machine. After backing up some or all of your files, you can restore them with equal versatility, either to a previous saved point or just rescue a version of a single file from several months ago. Time Machine, which is in your dock by default and can also be found in the applications menu, can also work in conjunction with the Apple branded Time Capsule NAS device or with any standard USB or Firewire external hard drive.

Added bonus: Time Machine is the prettiest backup software out there. Unlike most other backup solutions, it’s loaded with eye candy like fancy animations and 3D effects for browsing through past versions of files.

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