LuziCare is a club on Colby’s campus founded in 2007. With over 15 members, LuziCare holds various fundraisers and events throughout the school year to raise awareness about Malawi and Chadika Community Based Organization. All money raised goes through The Face-to-Face AIDS Project to directly support Chadika, located just outside Malawi’s capital city, Lilongwe. Projects are aimed at improving access to local health facilities, improving nutrition, and strengthening community education programs.

A Chadika CBO members shows off his blooming field of ground nuts during the dry season, when crops usually cannot grow. LuziCare funded Chadika's year-round cropping initiative and made this possible!

Past events have included penny wars, hunger banquet, a 3 v. 3 basketball tournament, and speed dating. During the 2010-2011 academic year, Luzi raised over $1,300 for Chadika. The money went toward year-round farming, office renovations, and training for home-based caretakers. Looking forward, the money raised by Colby students will mainly support Chadika’s growing youth group as they educate themselves and the community about the realities of HIV and decrease stigma by facilitating honest discussions and fighting misconceptions.

Check out the In the News tab to see various news stories covering Luzi’s successful fundraising and awareness campaigns! To get involved directly with LuziCare, email LuziCare’s president, Clare Peaslee, at Or come to a weekly meeting, every Wednesday night at 8pm on the first floor of Lovejoy! You can also come out to any of our events during the school year to learn more about Malawi, Chadika, and the complex issues Malawian communities are battling everyday.

To contribute, drop off your spare change in the jars on the info. desk in Pulver. Our ongoing Penny Wars is one of the easiest and most sustainable ways Colby students can give to Chadika CBO. How it works: pennies are positives and silver coins (nickels, dimes, quarters) and/or dollars are negative. Drop pennies in your class year’s jar to increase your score and silver coins/dollars in other years’ jars to drive down the other classes’ scores. And may the best class win!

Members of Chadika's youth group show off their Luzi shirts

You can also buy a shirt to show your support and give a few dollars. Email Clare your size and she’ll get you an eye-catching shirt for $5.

Interested in giving money immediately? You can give securely and directly just by clicking here.

Since its creation, Luzi has raised more than $15,000 for Chadika. In addition to the projects mentioned above, LuziCare’s efforts have supported the procurement of ambulance bicycles to deliver those in need of medical attention to adequate facilities more quickly.

For spring 2012, LuziCare is focusing on supporting Chadika’s ever-growing youth group. Our financial donations will focus on funding outreach projects, where they perform songs, dances, plays, and lectures to educate community members about pressing issues including HIV, poverty, caring for orphans, sanitation, stigma, and health.

Looking forward to the 2012-2013 school year, LuziCare will focus fundraising for individual student scholarships.

Check out these videos of Chadika, Face-to-Face, and LuziCare:

Introducing the Face-to-Face AIDS Project
Namaluwa and Chadika, for Colby
Message for LuziCare at Colby
LuziCare’s Cassava
Chadika Youth Group Greets LuziCare at Colby
A Very Good Start at Chadika
All Eyes on Chadika