It Was a Deep, Dark, and Dangerous Dive

On Wednesday we sent the CTD down to 6000 meters to sample the second deepest location in the Atlantic Ocean.   We had arrived at the South Sandwich Trench, just 60 miles east of the South Sandwich Island Chain.  Along with the sensors and sampling bottles on the CTD we included two mesh bags filled with a collection of Styrofoam objects.  Whitney had arranged with Katie Harris (Colby ’08) for her students at the Epiphany School to send him decorated Styrofoam cups for the trip to the bottom.   Continue reading

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Questions from The Epiphany School

FeLume ($30,000)

Hey King! Sorry we haven’t had time to post any questions. With all the snow we’re getting we haven’t had a full week of school since being back. Anyway, there are a couple of things the kids wanted to know.

We have been watching the news about the snow back home.   We had a few snow flakes today, pretty cold for the summer.   We can’t imagine how cold it must be at 60 South in the Winter.   The water temperature goes from about 2 oC at the surface to -1.5 oC at 100 meters depth.   The temperature of the water is below 0.0 degrees C!  How is that possible?? Continue reading

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Whale Sighting

Is it a whale of a tale or was it the tail of a whale?  This morning we did indeed see two whales, and their tails!  I was woken from my sleep at 0830 (first unsuccessfully by a phone call, and then successfully by a knock on my door) for another wildlife sighting.  I quickly came upstairs and went out onto the main deck to see all of the science party lined up on the starboard side of the ship watching two whales, only 20 meters away. Continue reading

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