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Life in the Low Latitudes

As I hear about all the snow that has hit the northeast in the past week, I realize how grateful I am to be enjoying summer weather here in the Southern hemisphere.  The past few days we have been working … Continue reading

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Sampling at Sea: Everyone Must Obey the Bottle Cop

In one of my earlier posts I described the scheduling challenge of stopping to take samples while still moving the ship eastward toward Cape Town.   We are now at station 22 out of a total of 120 stations.   This puts … Continue reading

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Lucky Melville – We made it with 11 hours to spare!

Readers may recall the we left the dock in Punta Arenas at 1 PM local time on January, 11, 2011.   While we were waiting to leave we had been hearing rumors that the citizens of the Magallanes Provence were … Continue reading

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