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Winkler Titrations – Measuring Dissolved Oxygen

We have been asked for another example of a chemical analysis being performed on the ship.   One of the most famous measurements is the determination of dissolved oxygen in seawater.   The CTD has an electrochemical sensor that measures oxygen continuously … Continue reading

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It Was a Deep, Dark, and Dangerous Dive

On Wednesday we sent the CTD down to 6000 meters to sample the second deepest location in the Atlantic Ocean.   We had arrived at the South Sandwich Trench, just 60 miles east of the South Sandwich Island Chain.  Along with … Continue reading

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Questions from The Epiphany School

Hey King! Sorry we haven’t had time to post any questions. With all the snow we’re getting we haven’t had a full week of school since being back. Anyway, there are a couple of things the kids wanted to know. … Continue reading

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